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Construction and Building Shrink Wrap NZ

Shrink wrapping is considered the most effective way to protect and cover products and buildings. Many industries and builders are looking for wrapping and materials for their projects and products. Shrink wrapping is the best solution.

Shrink Wrap offer a complete weatherproof background for your construction project in New Zealand. This eliminates a lot of 'down' time, enabling your project to complete on time. The plastic itself is attached to the scaffolding which can go over the roof completely or partially, and along the sides of the building.

We are experienced in understanding different clients wrapping protection. Once the variables of size, duration, mobility and accessibility are understood, our expert staff members are able to suggest the proper application method to meet those requirements. When properly applied by our skilled personnel, our high quality shrink films give a remarkable protective cover literally shrinking tightly around it.

The advantages of using shrink wrap on your Construction site:

  • Weather proofing means you can progress every day.
  • Once installed the Shrink Wrap will not detach from the scaffolding, and does not flap.
  • The Shrink Wrap provides an extra safety barrier, making the site safer.

Shrink-Wrap designs and installs shrink wrap containments to winterize your building and help keep you on agenda. Shrink wrapping a building or shrink wrapping scaffolding gives you the drum tight containment you want. This process saves you money on heating and creates a continuous working environment. Don't let the weather delay your project. Let us design and install your industrial shrink wrap containment.

Let us design your ideal worksite. We have created sites where builders have worked on all stages of their project effectively indoors. From digging footings undercover, right through to exterior painting in a perfect environment

Shrink-Wrap understands the importance of bringing projects to completion on time and within budget. Unplanned delays due to weather are the biggest frustration to the construction sector. To solve this issue, Shrink-Wrap has been right behind the push for productivity improvements using shrink wrap encapsulations.

Our shrink-Wrap solutions are quick to install, rigid and totally weather tight. Shrink-Wrap eliminates the need for heavy time consuming tarpaulins that leak and flap. Shrink-Wrap allows natural light in and also allows all trades to work in all weather conditions. In winter, weather contained buildings can still operate internal heating systems

Shrink-Wrap carries the full range of zipper doors, windows and ventilation ducts. These are simple to install and can often make a significant difference for access as well as getting materials off and on the site. Call us for advice on the design requirements for your weather containment needs and a free quote.